Pertosa-Auletta Grotte Soulplace Film Festival is ended

Pertosa-Auletta Grotte Soulplace Film Festival has the winners!
November 2, 2022
The biggest Charterhouse of Italy: our new Soulplace.
November 18, 2022

The first edition of Pertosa-Auletta Grotte Soulplace Film Festival has come to an end.

Breathtaking views and a community that demonstrates support for their village.

The wonderful setting of our festival were the amazing caves of Pertosa-Auletta.

We are more than satisfied about the event, we have received applications from all over the world from the United States, from Italy to Nepal. We have also shown our complete support for the inhabitants of underdeveloped countries.

We would like to thank all the participants and the selected winners: Jaritza Lopez, Sharvi, Hicham Harrag & Samir Harrag, Aritra Majumdar, Monika Grzybowska, Sumathy Ram & Charles Leopardo, Cenk İzgören, Ali Sadeghian, Malik Zenger.

We thank the local institutions, MIdA Foundation, National Parc of Cilento Vallo di Diano and Alburni, FAI Salerno, Pro Loco Auletta.

Our Sponsors: B&B Palazzo Gentilizio de Maffutiis, Gianluigi Casella Photography.

Our media partners: RadioBussola24, Vallo Più Magazine.

The Local Defenders chosen for this edition: Casa Surace.

Finally, our thanks go to all those present who supported us and participated in the event, dedicating their time to us and to Pertosa-Auletta Grotte Soulplace Film Festival.