The event of Bomarzo 2024 held yesterday

Bomarzo 2024: here the winners!
March 21, 2024
Trivento 2024 winners announced
April 19, 2024

It’s been a very nice evening what we had in Bomarzo yesterday.
Filmmakers from all over the world partecipated to our festival and some came here: we were incredibly happy!

We also had our local defenders:
Cesare Ceccolongo – Bomarzo (attore)
Marco Paolini – Bomarzo (fotografo)
Giovanni Proietti – Bomarzo (regista)
Sigfrido Junior Hobel – Bomarzo (videomaker)
Valentina Evangelista – Roma (scrittrice)
Daniele De Santis – Bomarzo (attore)

Thank you to AJ Lutsky for coming from so far and to Magda Andrzejewska.

The event has the patronage of Comune di Bomarzo.

Thanks also to our partner Discover Lazio.