The first edition of Opi Soulplace Film Festival has come to end

Opi Soulplace Film Festival: winners out!
July 19, 2023
Albori 2023: winners are out!
September 7, 2023

Breathtaking views and a community that demonstrates support and involvement for their village.
The wonderful setting for our festival was the Sala Pro Loco of the Municipality of Opi.

We are more than satisfied about the event, we have received applications from all over the world from Iran to Algeria, from Italy to Nepal. We have also shown our complete support for the inhabitants of underdeveloped countries.

We would like to thank all the participants and the selected winners: Sachin Ghimire e Gaurab KC, Adollah Alimorad, Sasan Golfar,Kamel Azouz,Hasan Kilic, Harish Gokul, Ardavan Mirani, Sepideh Ghavami, Ali Moan,Vittorio Caratozzolo, Luca Nicolini & classe 2A(22-23).

We thank the local institutions:

Our Sponsors: Studio Calvarese, Accademia di Teatro Drama, Hotel La Pieja, DvgStudio, Ristorante A Cavu’t, Dvg Studio.

Our Media Partner: Il Centro.

The Local Defenders chosen for this edition:@PieroCalvarese and @Emanuele Nuccilli.

Finally, our thanks go to all those present who supported us and participated in the event, dedicating their time to us and to Opi Soulplace Film Festival.