Live Screenings, Awards, Masterclasses.
A network of events all over the world, promoting cinematography talents and local territories.


Our aim is to spread the culture of cinematography and promote, at the same time, the discovery of small towns and the rediscovery of the forgotten places of big cities.

We want to support as many filmmakers as possible, all over the world, motivating them to always improve, always give their best and never stop dreaming.

Our events always involve not only filmmakers and the public, but also the whole territory as well because there are places in the world that are fantastic and that nobody knows. We call them "soulplaces" and we want to do our best to make them discover.

Social responsibility

As we put in the first place the love for cinematography and understand the importance of sustaining its talents, we decided to help filmmakers who live in very poor and underdeveloped Countries by giving them the possibility to submit for free to all our festivals. Also Countries where there is not full freedom for people or where human rights are not fully respected are included.

That means that all filmmakers who live in those Countries, will receive a 100% discount code. Please remember to ask via email the discount code before you submit your project: we'll carefully evaluate your request.