Operating in small territories with no such big capitals is very difficult. But some peoples do it and we think it's our duty to celebrate them in the best way we can.

That's why we decided to award every year some of them for each soulplace where we hold our festivals. Those who distinguished for their strength, for their passion and their ideas. In such a way they are bulwarks of cinematography and they teach us to never give up on our dreams.

We call them "Local defenders" and this is their house.

Rocco Tolve

Potenza - ITALY

Katia Troia

Potenza - ITALY

Paolo De Marca

Potenza - ITALY

Giovanni Proietti

Bomarzo - ITALY

Federica Giuliano

Omignano Scalo - ITALY

Nicola Frenza

Ripalimosani - ITALY

Andrea Di Iorio

Campobasso - ITALY

William Delli Quadri

Agnone - ITALY

Sonia Petrecca

Campobasso - ITALY

Antonio Proietti

Cervara di Roma - ITALY

Francesco Orza

Salerno - ITALY

Casa Surace

Sala Consilina - ITALY

Ilaria Marino

Campobasso - ITALY

Marco Paolini

Bomarzo - ITALY

Sigfrido Junior Hobel

Bomarzo - ITALY

Alisia Ialicicco

Campobasso - ITALY

Alice Petruccelli

Campobasso - ITALY

Marcello De Martino

Salerno - ITALY

Daniele De Santis

Bomarzo - ITALY

Antonio Ferolla

Vallo della Lucania - ITALY

Piero Calvarese

San Benedetto dei Marsi - ITALY

Laura Colarocchio

Campobasso - ITALY

Emanuele Nuccilli

Tagliacozzo - ITALY

Frank Damiano

Napoli - ITALY

Marianna Fasolino

Castel San Giorgio - ITALY

Elia Acunto

Agerola - Amalfi Coast - ITALY

Cesare Ceccolongo

Bomarzo - ITALY

Spore Collettivo

Campobasso - ITALY

Valentina Evangelista

Bomarzo - ITALY